Two (More) Reasons to Always Check Out The Openers

I’ve never been the type of person who only goes to a show for the headlining act.  Generally speaking, this is partially because I’m also spending several hours waiting in line to get that perfect place on the barricade, but I also love to see the opening acts.  It’s the perfect way to get to know a new band – they’re going to come out, play their best material, and do their best to get the crowd excited for the main act.  This is usually an opportunity for them to introduce their music to a new crowd, and probably gain some new fans in the process so you know they’re going to try their best to put on a great show.

Today, The Machine Shop announced the openers for two of their upcoming shows, and after checking out what they have to offer, I’m pretty excited about both!

First up, joining Big Wreck on February 13th is Manitoba-based band Attica Riots.  It’s an interesting choice for an opener as Big Wreck has always struck me as having a grunge-y, heavier sound, whereas Attica Riots seem to be more rooted in pop rock (they share a producer in Mark Needham, who has worked with Imagine Dragons, American Authors and The Killers if you’re looking for a comparable sound).  It sounds as though they’ll be releasing their debut full length in 2018, but you can listen to a number of singles via their Spotify account or on Youtube for the time being.

Check out “No Mistake” below and make sure you get your tickets for Big Wreck and Attica Riots here –


Next, as part of the “Kick It With Kissel” contest held earlier this year, Buck Twenty was selected as the opener for the Brett Kissel show on February 25th.  They’re from a small town near Windsor and they’re just a super fun sounding band.  If you like James Barker Band, Cole Swindell or River Town Saints, I expect you’ll be into Buck Twenty.  I’ll fully disclose that I wasn’t intending to go to this show, but that Buck Twenty might just change my mind – and that is saying a lot.

You can check them out on Spotify, or via Youtube.  Their most recent single, “Here’s to the Nights” is below, check it out!  Tickets for Brett Kissel and Buck Twenty can be found here: