About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley, and I am the owner of Last Call for Soundcheck- a blog dedicated to the wonderful world of music.  I want to share with you all what I’m most passionate about: who and what I’m listening to, the shows I attend and anything that I find that is interesting and exciting.

My love of music began at a young age; my parents have always ensured that it was a big part of my life, even as a child.  I can’t remember a time where we didn’t have the stereo in the living room on.  We listened to everything from The Beatles to Whitney Houston to Dolly Parton and everything in between.  I also was involved in dance lessons from the age of 3, and dabbled in singing as a teenager.  My appreciation for the creation of sound and the beauty of well written lyrics has never wavered and has only grown stronger as a result.

My interests include going to shows whenever I can, travel, meeting new people in all of my adventures, and you can usually find me making desperate attempts to get my 2 year old lab Bentley to just calm down and for the love of god, stop surfing the table and counter spaces for things to steal.  He’s a work in progress.

I’d love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave comments in the provided areas, or send me an email at lastcall4soundcheck@yahoo.com if you’ve got something I need to hear!

*Edit: My apologies for the lack of content and organization at the moment.  This is definitely a learning experience for me as I’m self-teaching myself as I go.  Thank goodness for Google!  It’s a work in progress and I thank you for your patience while I figure things out… -Ash