24 Days of Music- Day 15: Noah Gundersen

I’m not totally sure, but I think I first came across Noah Gundersen because he offered a free single on iTunes; I believe the title track from his “Family” EP, released in 2011.  I love his voice, soft but powerful, and he writes his songs with such passion that it’s hard not to get lost in his music.

2014’s “Ledges” is still one of my favourite albums, and “First Defeat” on that album is a gorgeous song.  He really shows his range on that track, moving through the song at times with a near whisper, to almost shouting, and back again.  The lyrics indicate a struggle in a relationship, holding on though you know you’re better off to leave.  It’s heavy but a beautiful example of how good Noah is as a musician.  Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so- Kurt Sutter, the creator of TV series “Sons of Anarchy” has used Noah’s music several times throughout the series.

Check out a live version of “First Defeat”, as well as “Slow Dancer” from his most recent album “Carry The Ghost” below.  You can listen to Noah Gundersen on Spotify, but you should strongly consider purchasing his albums via iTunes as well!


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