24 Days of Music- Day 14: Augustines

Disclaimer 1:  Caleigh found this band and made me listen to them so she gets the credit for today’s choice.  I should never doubt her judgement.

Disclaimer 2:  This band is no longer together because 2016 is the year of all things that are bad.  Go and listen to them anyways because they’re great, and know that lead singer Billy McCarthy will be pursuing solo material in the new year.

That being said, Augustines sound familiar for reasons I haven’t been able to pinpoint yet, but fans of bands like The Killers would probably really like this band.  They’ve got a bit of a theatrical sound while maintaining their rock roots, and lyrically, the songs are honest and many times heartbreaking.  Billy McCarthy hasn’t had an easy life, but he certainly doesn’t hide it; instead he embraces the journey he’s been given and allows himself to lay it all on the table for his listeners.

Linked below is the video for “Book of James” from 2011’s “Rise Ye Sunken Ships”.  The song is written about Billy’s younger brother, an individual struggling with mental illness who eventually committed suicide after being held in solitary confinement for 4 years.  It’s dark subject matter, but it’s a real life journey through the mourning, forgiveness and eventual acceptance of Jim’s death.  Give it a listen, check out the Augustine’s discography via Spotify, and consider purchasing “Rise Ye Sunken Ships” and their self-titled 2014 album via their Bandcamp page or via iTunes.


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