24 Days of Music- Day 12: Tim Barry

I first saw Tim Barry live when he was opening for The Gaslight Anthem on their 2010 summer tour, in Minneapolis, MN.  I wasn’t familiar with either of the openers at that point, and was pleasantly surprised by Tim’s humble, but ‘no fucks given’ attitude.  He played a solo acoustic set peppered with stories about the songs he was performing, and I still remember feeling like I could have sat there and listened to him all night.

By the end of the night, I had purchased his 2006 album “Rivanna Junction”, as well as his 2010 album “28th and Stonewall”, and they’ve remained two of my favourite albums ever since.   Formerly of punk band Avail, Tim has kept all the fire but softened the delivery somewhat, and I still find myself getting lost in his songs; just listen to “Gabriel’s Prosser” (about real life slavery revolt leader Gabriel Prosser), or “Dog Bumped”, a narrative about a man who is on the outside of his sister’s abusive relationship.  These are true storyteller songs, and he delivers them with such honesty that even if he didn’t personally live through them, you really believe he did.

Listen to a live version of “Wait at Milano” below.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets chills as his voice gives out while singing, “Give you everything I got, if you need it”!  Also check out “(memento mori)”.  If you like what you’re hearing, visit http://www.timbarry.bigcartel.com/ to pick up some merch, including CDs and coloured vinyl.


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