24 Days of Music- Day 11: Bear’s Den

I loved the song “Sophie” that Bear’s Den released 3 years ago- it was dark, folky and Andrew Davie’s vocals were somber and beautiful.  However, I didn’t pursue the band further at that point.  Something hadn’t connected with me beyond that song. So when I saw that they released “Red Earth & Pouring Rain” earlier this year, I decided to give it a cursory listen and see if it would hold the same magic that I had heard in “Sophie”.

I’m so glad I gave this album a chance.  It’s a little more stylized, and the entire album plays out in a way that’s more cohesive to me.  An album that I’ve kept returning to over and over, and one that to me seems like a great night driving album.  My absolute standouts are the title track, “Greenwoods Bethlehem” and “Gabriel”, but I really do think that each song stands out on its own.

You can listen to “Red Earth & Pouring Rain” on Spotify, or by purchasing it on iTunes.  Listen to the stunning Still Room version of “Sophie” below, along with “Dew On The Vine” from “Red Earth & Pouring Rain” below.


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