24 Days of Music- Day 10: Almost People

I found Almost People because they did a cover of “Allnighters” by The Scandals, one of my favourite bands, and released it as part of a 3 song EP titled ‘Tres’.  I purchased the EP on Bandcamp because of that, and I’m so thankful that it pushed me to continue to follow them through the release of their full length album “Songs for Best Friends”, which came out this past October.

“Songs for Best Friends” is a little bit punk, a little bit rock and a little bit tongue in cheek sarcasm.  It’s definitely up there on my mental list of favourites of the year (which will hopefully make it to this blog soon enough).  “Bored With Booze” is one of those anthems that recalls the days of hard partying, back before we all became adults with real responsibilities, and “Fuck Apathy” is definitely one of my favourites overall.  The album was produced by The Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf, and features guest stars in the form of Jared Hart, Roger Harvey and Anika Pyle.

Check out “Bored With Booze” by Almost People below.  You can visit their Bandcamp page here or purchase “Songs for Best Friends” via iTunes.


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