24 Days of Music- Day 9: Dave Hause

I honestly don’t think there is anything that Dave Hause can do that I wouldn’t love.  From his band The Loved Ones, to The All Brights, to The Falcon, to his solo stuff, the guy is just so talented it’s hard not to love him.

He dropped a new single today called “With You” and it’s so fun and catchy, I had a mini dance party while getting ready to head into work.  It’s one of those songs that I know is going to be a hit when he tours his new album, “Bury Me in Philly”, which is due to come out on February 3rd.  The link for the new song is below, but the song is also available on iTunes and Spotify for now.  You can also get access to “With You” if you preorder the album- which I did first thing this morning.  You can check out http://merchnow.com/catalogs/dave-hausefor different bundle options, and a beautiful blue and purple vinyl.

Be sure to check out his other albums as well.  “Devour” is a personal favourite.


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