24 Days of Music- Day 8: Josh Abbott Band

One of the songs from Josh Abbott Band’s 2015 album “Front Row Seat” came on in the car today, and while I haven’t listened to the album as a whole in a bit, it reminded me of how good “Front Row Seat” is.

I have a soft spot for concept albums; there’s a certain level of involvement from the listener to ascertain what is happening from song to song and follow along with the story line.  “Front Row Seat” is divided into four separate ‘acts’, each coinciding with a period of time in front man Josh Abbott’s relationship with his wife.  The listener/viewer gets to live through the beginning when they first meet, and eventually through the dissolution of their marriage, right down to the aftermath of where they go from there.  It’s hauntingly honest, and while the back half of the album is heartbreaking, it contains some of my favourite songs on the album.

Check out “Wasn’t That Drunk” from the ‘Act 2’ portion of the album, as well as “Amnesia” from ‘Act 5’, but definitely make sure you give yourself some time to listen to the album in its entirety.  You can purchase it via iTunes.


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