24 Days of Music- Day 7: The Menzingers

I feel like a lot of people are still discovering The Menzingers, though they’ve been active in the music scene as a band since at least 2006.  They offer a brand of punk rock that hits hard but with heart; music and melodies that even people who claim to not be fans of punk or heavier rock can enjoy.

The Menzingers are releasing a new album, “After The Party” due out February 3rd and I’m excited to hear what they’ve come up with as I loved their 2014 release “Rented World”.  They’ve released two strong singles in support of “After The Party, which are linked below, and I think they’re fantastic.  “Lookers” in particular has become a favourite, and was something I listened to a lot as I was traveling this summer.

If you like what you hear, you can preorder “After the Party” via iTunes, or by visiting the official Menzingers website at http://www.themenzingers.com


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