24 Days of Music- Day 1: Owls By Nature

Hi everyone,

I realize that I’ve been slacking over the last little bit, and since we’re heading into the Christmas season beginning today, I figured I’d do something different this month!

I’d like to give you a new artist or album to listen to every day, in a pseudo- 24 days of music type of scenario.  These are artists that I’ve been listening to and have really connected with, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy them just the same.  Also, hopefully this will hold me accountable for keeping this space up to date and full of new music!

Kicking things off is one of the bands that has been a more recent find, but one that has really struck a chord and become a quick favourite.

Owls By Nature is a folk-rock band based out of Edmonton, Alberta, and it was the song “Heartbreaking Ways” from their 2013 release “Everything is Hunted” that first caught my attention.  It’s a foot-stomping, energetic rocker, with a unique sound that makes it unable to pigeonhole as just one genre.

“The Great Divide”, their fourth album, was released just last month on November 4th, and it’s equally as good as each of their previous releases, if not a little more focused and sophisticated.  The sound on this record is a little more rock centered, calling to mind fellow Canadian artists The Trews.  I think this is a band to keep an eye on for sure.

You can listen to their music using Spotify, and purchase these albums via their Bandcamp page or on iTunes.

Listen to “Heartbreaking Ways” and “Across the Sea” from “The Great Divide” below:


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