Civil War Rust- Help Wanted

California’s Civil War Rust is back with their sophomore LP release, “Help Wanted”, and it’s sure to be a hit among fans of punk rock who are looking for all of the energy, but with a little bit of heart.

Clocking in at 24 minutes, “Help Wanted” is efficient but not rushed; the track listing is crafted carefully and plays in a way that the listener doesn’t feel slighted by the run time- left wanting more because the album is fantastic, but satisfied because of the quality of the music.  There’s definitely truth to the phrase less is more, and “Help Wanted” is proof.

Though the lyrics are often heavy, addressing love, loss and addiction, Civil War Rust presents these topics with upbeat accompaniment and enough optimism that you’ll find yourself moving to the beat and singing along; songs like “Upside Down” and “Rogues Couch” are immediately attention-grabbing and seem ready made for audience participation, while “Photographs” slows the pace momentarily.  Lead vocals are a shared affair between members, which not only allows each of the band’s members to shine, but also helps to enhance certain songs or lyrics with an ear-catching tonal switch.

Fans of Alkaline Trio, The Loved Ones, Two Cow Garage and even the more mature, post-Skiba Blink-182 will likely find themselves at home with this album.  It offers up a punk rock aesthetic with no holds barred- everything is laid out on the table with truth, honesty and no apologies.

From l-r: Misty Clear, Egg Splatter, and Ox Blood Splatter

From l-r: Misty Clear, Egg-Coloured, and Ox Blood Splatter variants

Originally released in November 2015, Civil War Rust, in conjunction with Say-10 Records is celebrating a re-release of “Help Wanted” on vinyl, and it is available for pre-order now!  Visit  where you’ll find several unique variants to choose from.  These are already moving fast so don’t waste any time if you’ve got your eye on a certain colour- quantities are limited.  Don’t miss out!



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