In case you missed it, today, Monday July 18th was filled with music news: tour announcements, new albums, new videos, new songs.  Here’s a recap if you weren’t following along today:

Chris-Farren-Cant-Die-coverFirst up, Chris Farren (Fake Problems, Antarticgo Vespucci, all around punk celebrity) announced that in conjunction with Side One Dummy Records, he would be releasing his debut solo LP entitled “Can’t Die”.  The album is due for release on September 2nd, 2016 and there are many different options for pre-order here: https://sideonedummy.com/store/artist/chris-farren/1dummy.com/store/artist                                                          

Having heard a few of the songs via his Stage-It performance, and on the Brian Fallon tour just recently, I am already very excited to receive my album and hear the mastered versions.  In the meantime though, you don’t have to wait to listen to the first single off of the album- Chris has released his new music video for “Say U Want Me” today as well, and I’ve linked it for you to enjoy below!

againstmeNext, punk rock band Against Me!  have announced their new album, entitled “Shape Shift With Me”, set for release on September 16th, 2016.  This will be released by their own label, Total Treble, though they’ll be partnered with other labels in other parts of the world for wider distribution- for example, UK label Xtra Mile Recordings will be handling distribution outside of North America.  You can pre-order the album here: https://againstme.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-shape-shift-with-me-limited-edition-vinyl

And because they know we like instant gratification, they’ve also dropped the first single from the album, called “333”, which you can listen to below!  Against Me! has also announced a bunch of new tour dates; visit www.againstme.net/tour  to find out when they will be in a city near you.

Frank-Turner-The-Sleeping-Souls-credit-Ben-MorseEdit-640x465Frank Turner (the man who seemingly never stops touring) and the Sleeping Souls also announced a new fall tour throughout the US today.  They will be headlining with The Arkells and Will Varley providing support.  You can find the list of dates for this tour here: http://frank-turner.com/live-gigs/

*Please note that although the Kalamazoo, MI gig at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe is listed as 18+, we have confirmed with the venue that it is in fact a 21+ gig.  Just an FYI if you are planning on attending that show but are underage.

Miranda_Lambert_Photo_PRViceFinally, country superstar Miranda Lambert released her new single “Vice” today, and it is reminiscent of slowly sipping a glass of whiskey in dark smoky bar.  A sultry tale of trying to escape heartache by running to the closest bad habit for distraction.  In short, it’s a perfect song for her to release following the dissolution of her marriage in the last year, and to welcome in a new sound for Miranda.  “Vice” is available to purchase on iTunes now, or you can head to Spotify and stream it there.  It’s a great track and I’ve been listening to it on repeat  for the better part of the day, so make sure you give it a listen.



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