Daycare Swindlers- “Reradiate”

reradiateDaycare Swindlers, based out of Virginia, are back with their first full-length album since 2004’s “The Morning After” and, despite its release date being last fall, it’s definitely a perfect listen for the summer!

“Reradiate” has a little bit of something for everyone;  genres ranging from ska, punk, and even metal have some representation here.  Ordinarily you might think this would lead to a disjointed album with no cohesion but in this case, you would be wrong.  Daycare Swindlers have somehow managed to blend genres seamlessly and have created something that flows from song to song.

“El Coliche” was one of the first songs I heard from the album and immediately fell in love with.  It’s a narrative-based, island-style romp that you can’t help but dance to.  “Telephone” provides commentary on our society’s need to always be connected, though it is often at the expense of actual face to face interaction with people.  The title track, “Reradiate” slows things down a bit with heavier subject matter but doesn’t disrupt the overall feel of the album as a whole.

Don’t Miss: “Telephone”, “Bicycle Seat”, or “El Coliche”

“Reradiate” is available via Say-10 Records here: where you will find options for everything from digital download to multiple coloured vinyl selections.


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