Show Recap: Brian Fallon & the Crowes- Bogarts, Cincinnati OH 06/29/16

The morning after the Detroit show, I began my journey to Cincinnati, OH to catch my second show on this tour.  I’ve never been to Ohio before;  I will briefly comment that from the limited time I spent in the state, it appears that the entire state is under road construction, and that until you get to around Dayton, the only things to see are big cornfields and maybe the occasional herd of cows.

I arrived to my hotel around 2:30 to drop my things off, and then went to scope out the venue, which was about 20 minutes away from where I was staying.  Having learned my lesson from the previous night, I inquired about availability and subsequently purchased the Fast Pass option from the box office, went to grab a book to read from a nearby Walgreen’s and settled in on a bench in front of the venue.  I wasn’t sure what the crowd would be like at this venue, or if they would be planning to line up early but I wasn’t going to take any chances.


I ended up being the lone wolf until approximately 1 hour before the doors opened.  At least you can’t say I’m not dedicated.

Thankfully around 4:30pm, some of the event security staff started to arrive early for their check-in, and they were pretty incredulous that I had traveled from Canada to see two shows on this tour, so I ended up hanging out with them while we all waited outside.  I honestly can’t say enough about them;  they were incredibly friendly and so sweet to me- even as people began to line up, they told me to just stay where I was and that they would make sure that I was in first.

Once again, Chris Farren was up first with yet another perfect set, this time including “Away from You” which is one of my favourite songs.  I will admit that the security guard putting lotion on his fresh tattoo directly in front of me was a little distracting (all I could possibly think was “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”), but also hilarious when Chris took a second to come and check out what exactly was going on and started laughing.  We were also treated to another new song, one that I had heard during the Stage-It broadcast called “Still Beating”.  I think it’s going to be a new favourite when the new album comes out.

IMG_1681[1] IMG_1683[1] IMG_1679[1] IMG_1678[1]

I will say that, like in Detroit, the crowd was a little distracted and loud during Chris’ set (which I suppose comes with the territory of being an opener) but overall there were more people who knew the songs and were happily singing along with him, so I had a sense that this crowd would be a little better than the previous night.  The sound and lighting were also already much better than at St. Andrew’s Hall as well.  Bogarts had already secured itself as one of my favourite venues within a very short time.

Brian and the Crowes were up next and the crowd here was super excited and hyped up right from the get go.  They followed a pretty similar setlist to what was done in Detroit, but with one major addition- a cover song that we were able to sneak a brief listen to through the door in Detroit, as well as one I could hear while waiting outside Bogarts.  Between songs, Brian had taken a couple extra seconds to speak with the members of the Crowes, and announced that for the first time, they were going to try “Walls” by Tom Petty (and to ignore any potential mistakes, because it was so new for them).  This is a song that I can remember hearing often on the radio while I was growing up, and despite not hearing it for awhile, most of the lyrics came flooding back.  It was definitely a hit with the crowd, and it was a special moment that was unique to this show.  Part of the reason I love going to show like this are for those moments; every show is unique and you know it will never be that way again; you’ll never have the same crowd, the same songs, the same banter or small moments of connection with the artists.  It’s beautiful to suspend time like that and just live in these precious moments.


Post show, one of my event security friends managed to snag a copy of the set list for me from Frank, and also allowed me to stick around inside the venue so that I could have Jared quickly sign a copy of his album, “Past Lines and Pass Lives” for me (I will be posting more on this album soon as I have ordered both colour variants of this album and obviously want to share how beautiful they are!).  I also ended up buying the tour hoodie from Danny because I decided I couldn’t leave without it.

With some guidance from my new security friends on the best times to leave Cincinnati to avoid traffic, along with some well wishes, my small run of shows were complete.  Until next time of course.



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