New Music- “Dreamland EP” by Johnny Lloyd

As you already know, I’m working closely with Xtra Mile Recordings to help bring you the most up to date news on their artists, and I’m so pleased to let you know that as of yesterday, Friday June 10th, Johnny Lloyd’s “Dreamland EP” is now available for purchase!

Johnny Lloyd is the former frontman for alternative rock band Tribes, based out of Camden Town, London.  Having split in the fall of 2013, Lloyd set out to create his own sound and eventually signed with Xtra Mile Recordings as a solo artist.

The “Dreamland EP” is a 4 song EP that truly showcases Johnny’s innate ability to harness a sound that reminds me of those fuzzy, hazy hours late in the evening; whether it’s leaving a bar drunk and happy with a potential hook up (“Pilgrims”) or sitting quietly in the dusk, while the world is silent, contemplating the direction your life is headed (“Hello Death”).

I think as an EP, it allows listeners to become more familiar with the talent of Johnny Lloyd, but this is just a taste of what he’s got in store for us.  I personally can’t wait to hear more from him!

You can check out the videos for “Pilgrims” and “Hello Death” below.  Let me know what you think!  The “Dreamland EP” can be purchased here:


Pleased To Announce!

Hi Everyone!

If you follow me (Ashley) on social media, you’ve probably noticed even more posts than normal in regards to Xtra Mile Recordings.  I am so happy to tell you that I have been chosen to be part of the inaugural Xtra Mile Market Rep program.  This summer, I will be working closely with the label to help promote and spread the word about Xtra Mile and their amazing artists.

This is an exciting opportunity for me to explore the inner workings of the music industry and behind the scenes work that a label does to help promote their up and coming artists, so I hope that you’ll like, follow, retweet and interact with our posts on social media.  Not only that, this label houses some of my absolute favourite artists!  It’s really an honour to play any part I can in helping them to be even more successful, and to help introduce them to a wider audience!

I’ll be attending several shows over the summer, so if you see a black Xtra Mile shirt in the lines or in the crowd, come over and say hello- I will have Xtra Mile swag and download cards so you can check out some new music too!

The first artist we will be focusing on this month is Chris T-T, based out of Brighton in the UK.  Chris has been active in the music scene for a number of years, releasing 9 studio albums as well as two live albums.  This Friday, he’ll be releasing his 10th album, “9 Green Songs”, which promises to follow his penchant for political and activism-charged songs.  His current single, “#worstgovernmentever” can be heard here– you can also preorder the album and you’ll receive “#worstgovernmentever” as an instant download.   The video is below for your viewing pleasure:

You can listen to more of Chris T-T’s music on Spotify as well.  Let me know what you think!

Stay tuned, folks:  I’ll have a lot more music, information and fun stuff to follow in the next coming months!