New Music!

Some very strong singles dropped this past Friday; so many in fact that I’m going to dedicate this post solely to those and wait until I’ve had some more time to listen to some of the new albums that came out this week to talk about those.  So let’s check out a few songs that caught my attention right away!

Justin Timberlake dropped his first new single in nearly 3 years!  Check out ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ via iTunes here or on Spotify.  It’s got a great catchy hook, but I expect it’s going to be one of those songs that will be vastly overplayed; enjoy it now while it’s still in a stage of infancy as far as radio play goes!

“Last year I was a trainwreck, now I’m just a mess…” Real Friends, an emo pop-punk band out of Tinley Park, IL introduced ‘Mess’ and the chorus will have you singing along before the song is over.  Purchase it on iTunes here (you can also preorder their full length album, “The Home Inside My Head”), or check it out via Spotify.

Tegan and Sara‘s ‘100x’ from their forthcoming album “Love You to Death” is out as well and it’s a definite break-up song, although you can certainly apply it to different scenarios (given that they’ve publicly discussed recently how they nearly broke up, it’s very much in line with the idea of that relationship coming to an end).  If you’ve been there before, you’ll appreciate this song:  it’s honest to the point of heartbreaking.  Purchase it on iTunes here (their full length album “Love You To Death” can be preordered in advance of the expected release date of June 3rd), or listen to it on Spotify.

Another song that is soon to be an addition to everyone’s summer playlists, “Write On Me” by Fifth Harmony is a mid-tempo, sugary pop song that is perfect for the beach.  You can preorder their new album, “7/27”, slated for release on May 27th on iTunes here or you can check it out on Spotify.

Fitz and the Tantrums is killing it with their latest releases!  “Complicated” joins “Handclap” (which was released earlier this year in March) as a bouncy, fun and full of energy track that will definitely bring people to the dance floor.  Their new, self-titled album is up for preorder on iTunes here, but you can catch “Complicated” and “Handclap” on Spotify as well.  This is definitely going to be an album to watch for!

I’m really digging “Figure It Out”  by French Montana, featuring Kanye West and Nas.  Although I wouldn’t say I’m well versed in the rap genre, I definitely appreciate it and I liked this song immediately when I heard it; it’s got a great feel and I was bobbing my head along with it right away.  Check it out on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes here.

The Washboard Union, from right here in Canada(!) released “Shot of Glory (Diesel Turbo Remix)” and I’ll be honest, when I see a country song with ‘remix’ in the title, I tend to get a little nervous.  I’ve heard some truly atrocious country/EDM-style remixes.  Thankfully, this is not one of them!  “Shot of Glory” is young and fresh, rooted in bluegrass.  I feel like it’s going to be really popular this summer.  You can listen to it on Spotify or via iTunes here

Finally, “Burden” by Irish singer/songwriter Foy Vance is a beautiful song, and should appeal to fans of everything from alternative to gospel.  He definitely has a rough country tinge to his voice, but the melody of this song is gorgeous, dark but sweet.  Foy Vance has a knack for writing uplifting songs and the lyrics to this are not out of that realm.  Preorder his album, “The Wild Swan” here (it will be available in full this Friday, May 13) or you can listen to “Burden” on Spotify.






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