Guided Meditation by Hurry (Not A Review)



I hate talking about albums in typical album review fashion. I feel like album reviews should own the right to be more personal, since they are, however you dissect them, a matter of personal opinion. The catch is trying to get other people to feel the same way you do. Which is difficult because everyone relates to music differently. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about music, it’s this; everyone digs pop. Pop punk. Pop country. Bubblegum pop. Power pop. There is a mood for pop, and there is a pop song for every mood. I think maybe that’s why we gravitate towards it when we’re having a really bad, or an exceptionally great, day. It’s music you can dance to, or cry to, simply by changing moods, or songs.

So maybe this won’t be a hard catch. Maybe I can convince whoever reads this that they should check out indie power pop trio Hurry’s new album “Guided Meditation”.

Before I continue, I should note this is not an album review. I know very little information about the background of this band that consists of three guys from Philadelphia. Google will tell you they started out as a one man project; comprised solely of Matt Scottoline, and then Rob DeCarolis and Joe DeCarolis joined in 2014 to play drums and bass, respectfully. But already I’m going off track. This is a personal opinion about a record I really enjoy, and that I am hoping I can convince others to really enjoy, and this is not a band history lesson. Or an album review. I repeat; this is NOT an album review. (You can however, find an insightful and thoughtful review of Guided Meditation here)

The first song that I immediately attached myself to was “Fascination”, a song that I imagine is about the cycle of random happenstance with a particular individual you find yourself in awe of. There is something in the composition of the instruments and Scottoline’s vocals that make you feel like, having this particular kind of crush is exciting and even dance worthy. I caught myself dancing upon reaction because the song is so catchy. And let’s just get this out there; anyone who knows me, knows I always incorporate dance into anything. Especially a good album, like Guided Meditation, which also features, Love Is Elusive”, a song that I want to refer to as a ballad because it tells a story. Love is elusive, and that’s okay. And here I am, swaying from side to side, reminding myself of that with sweet vocals that feel all too appropriate for the lyrics. Although, I enjoy the entire album, other songs that I really feel I can relate to are, “Wanna Be You” and “Nothing To Say”. (You can watch the video here!)

So, there it is, but feel free to have a listen. I’m starting to think that Philadelphia has a lot of great stuff we haven’t heard yet, small towns of Ontario, and Hurry is definitely one of those. I can’t help but relate this album to The Shins’ Chutes Too Narrow, a record I listened to, and danced to, for an entire year, because it was just as catchy instrumentally, and lyrically as ornamented and relatable. Like The Shins, I feel like Hurry took their time, or at least gave the grand impression they did, on an album that feels too precise and organized to be thrown into any category, even for those, like myself, who gravitate towards that poppy sound, and want so desperately to categorize it. But because I’m not actually reviewing it, I can skip that step and just enjoy this 9 track LP.

Again, this isn’t an album review, but take it for what it is, and go and hear a record that feels like the right kind of guidance, even if you aren’t into meditation.








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