Record Store Haul!

I’m fairly new to vinyl, though it’s something that I grew up with.  Record Store Day this year, with exclusive releases from Brian Fallon and Frank Turner, is what kicked my ass into gear and I finally bought my first turntable.  There’s definitely something to be said for vinyl: the sound is undoubtedly rich and warm, but the occasional pop echoes of  nostalgia.  Besides, vinyl is more interactive; you have to physically flip the record, place the needle…it’s a slower pace than the instant gratification that digital music offers, but sometimes it’s a welcome change because it involves you as a listener more than simply clicking a button.

Besides, I love going to the record store.  It’s like a treasure hunt; there’s so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, and as long as you give it the time, you can come up with some amazing finds.  I especially love pre-owned albums, the ones that were played and loved by generations before you.  They hold a lot of history.

So today, these are the albums that I added to my little collection:

       1) Madonna-Like_a_Virgin-FrontalMadonna- Like a Virgin (1984)

       Old school Madonna is my favourite; literally the  best kind of album to listen to while getting ready for a girls’ night.

      Notable tracks: “Material Girl”, “Like a Virgin”, “Dress You Up”



62-Bryan-Adams-Reckless2) Bryan Adams- Reckless (1984)

The track list for this album is amazing- some of Bryan Adams’ biggest hits can be found on this record.  I’ve been lucky enough to see him live and he’s just as good now as when he was recording this.

                                                                       Notable tracks: “Run To You”, “Heaven”, “Summer of ’69”


Journey-Frontiers-vinyl-album        3) Journey- Frontiers (1983)

        I love Journey.  When I lived in Thunder Bay, we used to follow around a Bon Jovi/Journey cover band (aptly named, Bon Journey) and although we would almost always drink too much and not be able to remember at least one half of the show (which is why it was great of them to sometimes switch it up and do the Journey set first, for example), it solidified why I enjoy this band so much.  Just lots of great, hilarious memories.

                                                               Notable tracks: “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”, “Faithfully”,       “After the Fall”


princevinyl4) Prince and the Revolution (1985)

Obviously given the recent passing of Prince, his albums are going to be flying off the shelves.  It’s a fact any time a musician dies.  There weren’t many Prince albums to be found, but I did pick this one up for a great price.

Notable tracks: “Raspberry Beret”, “Paisley Park”, “America”


The+Beatles+The+Beatles+White+Album+4972885) The Beatles- White Album (1968)

My favourite find today.  I love The Beatles.  These are songs that I think many of us have grown up on and are so memorable.  This is where used albums can be a major benefit- it’s still in very good condition, but the price was right.  I’m thrilled to have this.

Notable tracks: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da”, “Helter Skelter”



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