New Music Friday 04/01/2016

thewhitealbum-470x470White Album- Weezer

I’ll be entirely honest.  I was worried about this album.  Weezer kind of lost me after 2009’s ‘Raditude’, and I came to have little to no interest in any of the albums that were released following it.

The White Album has put my mind at ease.  Weezer is back to form on this release, bringing back their unique style of 90s power pop that we came to fall in love with early on in their career.

“California Kids” has an almost Beach Boys-esque vibe, and sounds like a song that will be getting a lot of summer time play, where “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” reminds me slightly of “That Thing You Do” (by fictitious band The One-ders).  Overall the album seems built for the summer, with happy, poppy songs taking center stage (which is a welcome sound, considering the snow has made a recent reappearance up here in Northern Canada).

Overall, this album suffers only minor missteps (I would count “Thank God for Girls” as a song I’d probably be more apt to skip), but I think fans of Weezer will be pleased with this release.

Don’t Miss: “California Kids”, “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori”, and “King of the World”

You can purchase “The White Album” by Weezer on iTunes here.


trapper schoepp“Rangers & Valentines” by Trapper Schoepp

On the advice of my friend Caleigh, I checked out Milwaukee, WI- based Trapper Shoepp’s first album, “Run Engine Run” (released in 2012) recently and was immediately taken by his voice.  I was also pleased to see that he had a new album coming out.

“Rangers & Valentines” opens with “Mono Pt. II”, a foot stomper of a song that showcases Schoepp’s unique rock/Americana sound.   The album boasts a classic rock sound, reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in terms of having that storyteller influence, but it also has equally comfortable footing in the country arena.

The standout track for me is “For Jonny”, written in reference to his drummer’s battle with alcoholism.   Trapper is at his lyrical best on this track, as well as “Don’t Go”.  It’s hard to avoid being swept up in the stories that he tells.

This album is released via Xtra Mile Recordings, home to notable artists Frank Turner, Will Varley, Tim Barry and Northcote, just to name a small selection, and you definitely shouldn’t miss this one.

Don’t Miss: “For Jonny”, “Don’t Go”, and “Ballad of Olof Johnson”.

“Rangers & Valentines” can be purchased on Amazon here.















Although it’s technically April Fool’s Day, these albums are no joke (cue pained groaning at the bad pun).


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