Wrapping Up March

Since it’s the end of the month, I figured I’d post a playlist of what I’ve been listening to this month that I haven’t had a chance to talk about yet.  Not all of the songs are new; in fact some are quite old.  If you’re looking for a playlist that flows together or ‘makes sense’, this probably won’t be it.

On this playlist you will find a variety of different artists and genres, but they’re just a few songs that are worth knowing.  So check it out. Hopefully you’ll find something that you love as much as I do.

(My apologies in advance, but I do believe that you are required to sign up for Spotify to listen if you haven’t already joined that app- but it’s free!  Just head to http://www.spotify.com)

(Also, hand-typing the code for this web player in just reminded me of 1st year University Computer Science.  Not that I retained any of the information in the course, besides the fact that our professor looked like the guy from the Pringles container and he mentioned ‘GUI’ aka gooey a lot.  I still managed to pass the course somehow.)


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