Premiering Today!

Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer for you ’24’ fans out there) released his brand new video for his first single “Not Enough Whiskey” today; and I’ll be honest…I don’t hate it.

Kiefer will be debuting a new Americana/Country album this year, and if this single is any indication, it may actually be worthwhile checking out.  His voice has a worn-in, gruff quality that suits the song, although if I’m being honest, there were some cringe-worthy parts in the video that threw me off a little (in particular, there’s a notable head movement that goes just a little too perfectly with the music, almost as if it’s choreographed which makes it seem a bit inauthentic, at least to me).  It’ll be interesting to see what he follows this up with next.

Check out “Not Enough Whiskey” below:


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