New Music Friday- 03/25/16

Coming in under the wire today for a new music post, but I’ve spent the day checking out the offerings and here is what I’m excited about- I hope you are too!

youngnheartless“Stay Away” by Young and Heartless

Unfortunately, this is a band that I’ve only heard about now, and this is already their second release!

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Young and Heartless formed in 2011, with their first full length album “The Pull of Gravity” being released in 2014.

With a sound comparable to alternative rock band Brand New, the lead single from the album, “Fevers” is likely the best introduction to the sound of Young and Heartless.  With lead singer Jeremy Henninger’s moody vocals and poetic lyrics layered over lush instrumentals, this album is the perfect juxtaposition between light and dark.  It captured me from the start, and I’m really looking forward to checking out their previous album as well.  Definitely one to be excited about!

Don’t miss: “Fevers”, “Nightwalking”, and “Heaven Nights”

You can purchase “Stay Away” by Young and Heartless here or on iTunes.


bobmould“Patch The Sky” by Bob Mould

Confession: I’ve never listened to a Husker Du album.  I’ve barely listened to a Bob Mould album.  Despite hearing both names come up frequently,  I just never became inspired to listen to either form of Bob Mould.

“Patch The Sky” might be the gateway drug to the world of Bob Mould and Husker Du that I needed.  I was immediately taken by “The End of Things” and the rest of the album as I listened to it.  Mould rocks harder than current chart toppers half his age.

I’m still spinning it even as I write this, and I would suggest that everyone check it out as well.  You may find that, like me, you were missing out on something great.  The songs are bangers for sure, but listen closer to the lyrics; they paint a dark tapestry of life, loss and sorrow.

Don’t Miss: “The End of Things”, “Hold On”, and “Monuments”

Purchase “Patch the Sky” by Bob Mould here or on iTunes.


2 thoughts on “New Music Friday- 03/25/16

    • Ashley says:

      I feel like you’ll really like both of them! Just a little sad I’m late to the game on both, but I’ve joined the party now, and that’s what


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