Record Store Day Coming Soon!

In an age where everything is digital, and easily accessed with the click of a button, record stores don’t get the love that they used to.  Still, there’s something to be said for the warm, rich sound of vinyl, and it seems more and more audiophiles are gravitating back to the old classics.

Record Store Day (this year on April 16) was created as a way of celebrating the culture of the independent music store, as well as the owners, employees and artists who continue to support this medium.  As such, one of the most exciting aspects of Record Store Day is the exclusive releases that many artists make available solely for this day.

The list of special releases is available here: . There’s a lot of great material being released, so definitely take a peek at the list and start making your plans for what you’re interested in purchasing!  Be aware that these are limited, exclusive runs and if something is in high demand, you’ll want to get to your local record store early.

If you’re living in a smaller city, it may be beneficial for you to contact them, either via email or by stopping by the store to ask about certain releases.  Not every store is guaranteed to get each and every release, but most owners will be happy to look into what you’re interested in and will try to work with their suppliers to get it in for you.

If you see something on that list that you simply MUST have, make sure you contact your local record store as soon as possible to give them the best chance at being able to bring it in for you.  It may require them to pull some strings and make arrangements, and those kind of things take time.

(I myself have already contacted the participating store here to inquire about “Georgia” by Brian Fallon, as well as the “Positive Songs for Negative People” acoustic release by Frank Turner and am keeping my fingers crossed!)


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