Album Review: Austin Plaine, Self Titled

I am one of those nostalgic types that associates music with a season. So it came as a sweet coincidence that I first listened to Austin Plaine’s debut album on a rainy day that smelled bittersweetly like the arrival of spring; a time where the ache of hibernation works its way through your bones, and flowers start to blush beneath the ground. It’s no wonder that this album felt new and fresh.

Lyrically, which is my vice as a writer, I was left smirking listening to some songs, such as The Hell If I Go Home, because it felt oddly familiar, especially after seeing Austin live at the Opera House in Toronto on March 13, and refusing to go back to my semi boring life in a smaller town where nights such as the ones he describes in a couple of his songs seem more common than anything, but less exciting and song worthy.

One line that had me gripping the steering wheel of my car, and staring at the long road ahead with a cramp in my heart came from his song “Reckoning Plan”,

” I don’t know who these hands are anymore and it makes me sad”

I looked down at my own hands then, and understood what Plaine felt when he wrote of ‘dreaming about the days of old’.

Austin Plaine’s album is one you listen to when you want to escape, a reminder that as long as you know where you’re going, you can get there, despite where you’re coming from.

The soft and sweet vocals left the strings of my heart thread bare, while the acoustics and background instruments, woke me up again and reminded me why I love this style of music and easily relate to it; I too, have wondered what it’s like to ‘sail the ocean, and never come back again’.

But I think I will. Because this album might be one of my new favourite seasons.


Purchase Austin Plaine’s self titled debut album here








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