Listen to This!- 03/16/2016

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“Painkillers”- Brian Fallon

I mean, I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that I’m a huge fan of Brian Fallon, so it should come as no surprise that since I purchased this album when it was released on March 11th, 2016 it’s been in heavy rotation.

Standout tracks to me include the first single, “A Wonderful Life”, “Nobody Wins”, “Rosemary” (which feels the most reminiscent of The Gaslight Anthem) and “Open All Night”, which features some of the best writing on the album: “And I will never know the town, where you finally settled down/With the top back on a Cadillac and your sunglasses on/ And you can’t make me whole, I have to find that on my own…”  The entire album journeys through love, loss and acceptance, and I think this is an incredible way of wrapping up the album.

“Painkillers” feels all at once familiar but new at the same time, and greets you like an old friend at the end of a long day.  An excellent first solo venture from Brian Fallon.




“Past Lives & Pass Lines”- Jared Hart

I purchased this album in December, while in  New Jersey at Crossroads, where Brian Fallon was playing 3 sold out acoustic shows.  It has lived in my car stereo ever since, because I listen to it daily.  It’s that good.

Jared was one of the openers for each of those shows (as well as the most recent Brian Fallon “Painkillers” tour), and while I had heard some of this work with The Scandals, I don’t think I knew just how special and powerful he would be live.  It was such an experience to be able to see him in his home state and in such a small, intimate venue.

“The Guillotine” and “Deacon Ain’t Dead Yet” were the first songs I gravitated towards, but there truly isn’t a bad track on this album.  “Basements” holds one of my favourite lines in any song, “when you say that you wanna go home, does it mean back where you came from?”  and the entire album just speaks to my soul.





Matters- St. Lucia

I enjoy a wide variety of music, lest people thing I’m stuck in listening to solely punk/folk based singer-songwriters.

This album came to me on a recommendation from a friend, and it’s such a cheery and dance-y romp.  I listened to it while driving to Toronto and it was the perfect compliment to the warm and sunny day.

Combining a more alternative and electric sound, “Matters” will be an album that you’ll want to play on repeat while at the beach or out at camp (or the cottage, for my non- Northern Ontarians).  I’ve currently got “Physical” and “Always” on repeat, with the latter being the perfect album closer to listen to while the sun is setting on a perfect summer day.

Tell me what you think in the comment box below, and I’d love to hear your suggestions for what I should be spinning next!



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